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       Scottsdale Residential Window Tinting

      Window Film can make the sun a welcome addition to your home. The film actually improves the light by removing virtually all (99.9%) of the harmful UV rays, thus reducing fading. LLumar window film can also remove up to 79% of the heat coming through the glass and reduce unwanted glare.                                                                  Today's homes are designed to utilize light from all exposures. Window film will protect the interior of the home, improve comfort,  safety and add privacy. It will also enhance the exterior of the home. Our films will reduce the fading of your drapes and curtains, furniture, hardwood floors, rugs, artwork, and anything that reacts to UV rays.  Additionally, the average home that installs window film will make back their investment within 3-4 years.



In the summer, the film will reject the heat at the source (the windows) and reduce the heat that enters the room. This will allow the cooling system to run more efficiently, and achieve a constant regulated temperature. In the winter, the film acts as a thermal barrier, thus reducing the heat loss from the interior of the home.

    There are many dealers who install window film, but only a select few have achieved the level of Sunset Tint and stand out for their work ethic, extensive product knowledge, and their ability to serve their clients to the highest standards. Our installers will treat your home or office as if it were their own. We will go above and beyond to make each installation as easy and worry free as possible. We are happy to provide references as well as a certificate of insurance at the time of your estimate.

We offer the highest level of installation experience and 18 years of technical knowledge of window films. We are committed to an unsurpassed level of quality installation and customer service.  When choosing a company to meet your needs, consider the following:

  • The materials offered to accomplish your specific needs.
  • The response time the company gives, from your first contact.
  • References from your neighbors of the company you are dealing with.
  • 80% of our business is from referrals and satisfied clients passing the word to their friends, relatives and neighbors.  We receive many unsolicited comments regarding the high quality of service we offer and enjoy hearing from our clients. 

Window Film Tax Credit Info : 

Click here: Window Film Tax Credit (Solutia)


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