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Decorative films offer subtle and stylish solutions for any privacy glazing application. As an attractive, convenient, and affordable alternative to etched glass, Decorative films can reduce glare and increase privacy on any flat glass application. The scratch-resistant coating ensures long-lasting beauty and easy maintenance.

Flexible Design

You can even customize a space with a corporate logo or signage. Offering endless choices for architects and interior designers, Our films are available in a range of patterns, colors and finishes, including:


  • Squares, dots, stripes, and custom logos
  • Red, yellow, green, blue, bronze, white, black, silver, frost
  • Matte, translucent, opaque and textured finishes

Cost-Effective Solution   

 The traditional method of acid etched patterned glass is an expensive option. It is time-consuming and costly to install, difficult to maintain, and virtually impossible to alter. By contrast, decorative films offer the same look at a fraction of the cost, but can be easily changed when a new look is desired or required. And they can be easily maintained with conventional glass cleaner.

Graphic Film Specification Checklist Should Include:

  1. Which Surface of glass to apply film(i.e. 1st or 2nd)? Is there a high traffic side of the glass? Frosted glass film can be scratched from handling. If there is a side of the glass that is less likely to be touched by others, it is recommended that the film be on that surface. Surface reflection can wash out the frosted surface. The frosted areas of the design block the surface reflection which makes the design easier to view. A frosted design can be enhanced or highlighted with proper lighting such as spotlights.
  2. What type of film? We offer a wide variety of film types to our customers, please call our office for samples.
  3. Color film (if any)? A precise color match on clear glass will only be color correct when viewed from the filmed surface. The opposite surface will always appear shades off.
  4. Placement of art on glass? The industry standard eye level above the finished floor is approximately 5'2" to 5'4" above finished floor. In many cases, the center of a design on a vertical surface should be raised slightly above center so as to not appear too low.
  5. Specify Sunset Tint as a source in your plans to ensure your project will be completed correctly and in a professional manner.

Enhanced Privacy

Frosted film allows light in while reducing visual intrusion, making it an excellent choice for office partitions, restaurants and storefronts. Privacy film also eliminates the need for blinds – maintaining the aesthetics of a building’s environment.

Glare Reduction

By reducing annoying glare, decorative and privacy films can reduce eye strain and improve conditions for office employees and building tenants.

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