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Windshield Chip Repair


The two choices you have when you do discover a small rock chip on your windshield.


One is ignoring it untill the rock chip grows into a large crack  and  replacing your windshield and the other is a windshield chip repair.


Below are some  reasons why you should choose a glass repair instead of replacing your entire windshield.





  • 90 % of windshields are repairable
  • Windshield chip repair technology allows consumers to rid the auto glass of the vision hindrance and also helps to contain the chip so that it does not develop into a major crack. The repair option emerges as the better choice. So why replace, when it can be repaired.
  • Safety - Windshield chip repair is a safe way to prevent the windshield from further damage. Not only is one able to repair the crack or rock chip, but also prevent it from growing extensively and shattering during a drive. If you have a chip on your auto glass, do not ignore it. Even in the case of a minor collision your glass could shatter completely since the chip tends to weaken the glass tremendously.
  • Eco friendly - Windshield chip repair is eco friendly as opposed to windshield glass replacement. Old windshields cannot be recycled and add to the permanent landfill and waste on the planet. Windshield repair is safe, effective, convenient and takes less than 30 minutes to complete.
    A quality windshield repair will restore the structural integrity of the windshield, help prevent the damage from spreading, and make the blemish much less noticeable, without removing and replacing the glass.
    An Affordable Solution Repairing a windshield is also a good value. If you have comprehensive coverage, and if you choose to have your windshield repaired rather than replaced, most insurance companies will waive your deductible, leaving no costs for you

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